Homily for Thursday, October 2, 2008

Memorial of the Guardian Angels

(Matthew 18:1-5;10)

We should not understand Jesus to mean that only children have guardian angels. His vision is more inclusive than that. This truth is evidenced in the gospel passage of which today’s reading forms the beginning and middle. Jesus is warning his disciples to look after weak Christians who may stray from practicing the faith. When errant Christians stop praying or when they choose pleasure over doing God’s will, the disciples are to call them back to righteousness. Jesus makes clear that if the disciples fail to intervene, they will face dire consequences since weak Christians have angels in direct communication with God.

Although we may console ourselves with the thought of having guardian angels to look after our welfare, we should as well hear Jesus’ warning in the greater gospel passage. We who come to daily Mass are strengthened to assist weaker Christians. This does not mean that we nag them but that we show them concerned care. We need to share with them our faith in God as the one who provides full happiness. We also want to model for them the joy of living the Gospel. Finally, we will pray for them not just once but regularly.