Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday of the Fourth Week in Lent

(Isaiah 65:17-21; John 4:43-54)

We have crossed a threshold in Lent. As if we have dominated our sinful tendencies completely, the readings today take us beyond repentance to new life in the Lord. They are to prepare us for the celebrations of Christ’s glory in less than three weeks.

Does the royal official believe that Jesus is the long-awaited Messiah or is he just desperately seeking a remedy for his son’s disease? Jesus indicates that he is only looking for some help such that his next stop may be a drugstore. But that fact does not deter Jesus from meeting the need. He challenges the man to believe by sending him off with his word that the boy will live. The man’s desperation turns into trust as he leaves without further entreaty.

We come to Jesus with a barrow of needs every day. If we are honest, we may have to admit that we are usually looking for a shortcut to resolve our problems. Jesus challenges us also to believe. Letting go of our urgency and trusting in his care, we too will find a newness of life.