Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday of the Fifteenth Week in Ordinary Time

(Exodus 2:1-15a; Matthew 11:20-24)

Young people need lots of support. They relish compliments from teachers and look for better-than-average paychecks at work. When people grow older and hopefully wiser, however, they no longer look for incentives from others. Rather, a well-developed relationship with the Lord should provide them all the reason necessary for doing what is right. In the reading from Exodus today Moses is challenged to become wise before he grows old as he looks to the Lord for support in his youth.

Although Moses could have renounced his Hebrew heritage, he chooses instead to defend his people. When he sees an Egyptian punishing an Israelite, he slays the aggressor. Although he does not believe that anyone sees what is taking place, he would expect his fellow countrymen to defend him. But, in fact, they are ready to expose his act. His only recourse is to run away and look to God for solace.

Sometimes in doing what is right, we find people indifferent or even hostile to our position. We should not let them stop us. Rather we, like Moses, must recognize that it is the Lord, not other people, whom we are to please.