Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Memorial of Saint Dominic, priest

(Jeremiah 31:1-7; Matthew 15:21-28)

Dominicans call their founder, “Holy Father Dominic.” He certainly distinguished himself in prayer by often spending the night before the Blessed Sacrament. But Dominic was by no means sanctimonious. His successor and biographer, Jordan of Saxony, wrote of him, “During the day, none was more affable, none more pleasant to his brethren or associates. At night none was more constant in prayer or watching.” Dominic transmitted joy to the Order of Preachers and indeed to the whole world much like Jeremiah in the first reading today.

The people of Judah are war booty in Babylonia. Their homeland has been laid waste, and their lives are tottering in exile. Now God sends Jeremiah with a message of comfort. He tells that their trials will end and once again they will live freely in their own land.

We live in a time with no shortage of worries. The economy slumbers. The war in Afghanistan slogs on. Many suffer overweight, and the word “cancer” still rings of death. Nevertheless, there is cause for joy. God has both shared with us His will in Jesus Christ and empowered us with the Holy Spirit. We can face our troubles without fear as we fulfill the Lord’s commands.