Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tuesday of the Second Week of Advent

(Isaiah 40:1-11; Matthew 18: 12-14)

One man describes his encounter with Jesus in this way. He and his wife had just received the diagnosis of her having cancer. The man felt overburdened with distress as if he would not be able to help his wife through the prescribed treatments. In his small parish he had the task of locking the church door at the end of the day. That night as he was discharging his duty, he felt the Lord embrace him and heard him say, “Don’t worry. Everything will turn out all right.” Both readings today portray God acting in a similar way.

The first reading is taken from the opening of the second part of the Book of the Prophet Isaiah. God is speaking to the divine assembly. He asks that His people, whom have suffered exile for three generations, be consoled. Then He is pictured as carrying the weakest home. The gospel is just as descriptive. Jesus portrays the Father as risking the loss of his flock to search for one lost lamb.

We need not fear that we are ever completely lost in life. God, who cares about us more than our own parents, will come to our rescue when the storm clouds mount. We can trust in Him.