Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday of the Octave of Easter

(Acts 3:11-26; John 21:1-14)

“It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.”  This reportedly Confucian proverb was adopted by the Christophers, a humanist movement founded by Maryknoll Father James Kelleher in the middle of the last century.  Adherents saw themselves as bringing Christ, the light of the world, to others.  One can see the importance of having Christ in mind in today’s gospel.

The resurrection appearance occurs after Peter and six other disciples have been fishing all night without success.  They may have already started cursing their luck when Jesus harkens them as the rising sun from the shore.  He tells them to throw their net on the right side of the boat.  Following his directive brings an extraordinary catch.  Evidently the 153 fish represent all the different types in zoological records at the time signifying, of course, that they will convert all the nations. 

We should not allow ourselves to fret when challenges amount or frustrations arise.  Rather we are wiser and more successful when we turn to the Lord in our need.  We might ask ourselves, “How would he have us act?” And we should always ask his assistance.