Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tuesday of the Fourth Week of Easter


(Acts 11:19-26; John 10:22-30)


The railroad in a small town long ago announced that it needed to fill a position.  Soon a roomful of applicants filled the office anxiously hoping for an interview.  After a while without anyone being called, a tapping noise was heard in the background.  One person rose from his chair and walked to the receptionist desk.  Then a sign was posted that the position was filled.  The people in the room were infuriated not to be given an opportunity to display their skills.  But the railroad officer told them that the tapping noise they heard was Morse code inviting anyone who understood the message to claim the job.  Today’s gospel tells a similar story.


Jesus explains to his listeners that only those people given him by the Father will recognize that he is the Messiah.  Others may similarly see the marvelous deeds that he has done but will not come to him because they cannot hear his voice.  Its subtlety is not tonal but conceptual.  His followers realize that Jesus is not a Messiah who will free the nation of Roman domination but one who will liberate them from sin.


If we hear Jesus’ voice, we will understand that he comes not to make Catholic ethics public law but to give us access to eternal life.  Yes, for the common good we press for the prohibition of abortion and the abolition of capital punishment.  However, we should not be discouraged if our efforts are not soon rewarded.  We know that being faithful to Jesus, he will give us the life he promises.