Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Memorial of St. Catherine of Siena, virgin

(Acts 2:32-37; John 3:7b-15)

Mother Teresa is an icon of charity.  She is known for her work among the poor.  But those who had the opportunity to hear Mother Teresa speak realize that she her good works was matched by a rare ability to articulate the truth.  St. Catherine of Siena embodied these same virtues of love and truth.

It is said that Catherine was hardly literate.  Yet she dictated her Dialogues (with the Lord) which has become a spiritual classic.  She was also known to have advised popes and princes.  But she spent much time caring for the sick and visiting the imprisoned.  For good reason the little apartment which she used in Rome is preserved as a shrine, and she has been named patroness of both Italy and Europe.

As with all saints, we are to both ask Catherine’s intercession and to imitate her zeal.  Coming from a humble background, her accomplishments should encourage our persistence and trust in God.