Monday, May 19, 2014

Monday of the Fifth Week of Easter

(Acts 14:5-18; John 14:21-26)

Trolling is a word that has taken new meaning since the Interne came into widespread use.  At one time it referred to fishing with a moving line.  Now it is commonly used to describe the insidious practice of posting negative comments on Internet sites to provoke discord.  Trolling exemplifies the nasty world that Jesus shuns in today’s gospel.

Jesus tells his disciples that he will reveal himself to those who love him, but not to the world.  Of course, anyone can read the gospel to learn the content of Jesus’ revelation.  But unless one practices Jesus’ commandment of love, the revelation will go unfulfilled.  It is like the proverbial tree falling in a forest with no one to hear it.  There cannot be revelation in the first case as there is not sound in the second.

Nevertheless, Christ sends us into the world to proclaim his resurrection.  We meet it and greet it.  We will note hints of openness that beg dialogue which may even enrich us.  Nevertheless, we need to proceed with care.  The world has its snares that may lead us astray perhaps with more likelihood than we will be able to lead it to Christ.