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Homilette for Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday of the Sixth Week of Ordinary Time

(James 1:1-11)

Fully renewed by the sacrifices of Lent and the graces of the Easter season, the Church now eases into Ordinary Time. We are to live the faith that the Holy Spirit has implanted in our hearts so that we might experience the fullness of eternal life. We have as yet to celebrate the Solemnities of the Holy Trinity, Corpus Christi, and the Sacred Heart, but our daily readings return to the lessons on holiness from the gospels and other Scriptures.

Today’s reading from the Letter of James provides a significant clue to sanctity. It tells us not to become frustrated when we experience trials. When no one pays attention to what we say or when we fail to achieve what we set out to do, we should not curse our predicament. Rather, we should step back and consider the trials as sources of growth. Patience in trial perfects us by allowing us to see that God will take care of us. Our task is to remain faithful to His ways.

In Death Comes to the Archbishop Willa Cather portrays the head of the newly erected diocese of Santa Fe as a man patient and persistent in trial. He does not curse his having to cross hundreds of miles of desolate wilderness to authorize his credentials. Nor does he falter in facing the challenges of accustoming himself to a very different culture. Rather he executes his mission with diligence and prayer. His crowning work is the construction of a beautiful cathedral which symbolizes his archdiocese. The structure stands today as a testimony to the archbishop’s sanctity.