Friday, March 2, 2018

Friday of the Second Week of Lent

(Genesis 37:3-4.12-13a.17b-28a; Matthew 21:33-43.45-46)

One of the many social problems of abortion-on-demand is that it facilitates bias against people with genetic abnormalities.  Most babies with Downs Syndrome are now being aborted in the so-called “developed nations.”  A similar rejection is seen in today’s first reading where Joseph’s brothers conspire to kill him for being his father’s favorite son.

But not all the brothers are so contemptuous.  Rueben, the eldest of the lot, suggests that they hold Joseph prisoner while he figures out how to send him home safely.  Another brother, Judah, seems to have a similar sentiment, but his suggestion to sell Joseph to Ishmaelite traders may just be a way to turn a profit.  In sum, the motive of all the brothers, save Rueben, is treachery.  They exemplify the dark side of humanity in crying need of renewal.

We are coming to the middle of Lent.  Hopefully, we have noticed by now that our motives are sometimes not just mixed but can be perverse.  Perhaps we have been envious of friends and family members receiving credit.  Perhaps we have advised someone to have an abortion because the baby would not be normal as most people think of the term.  Now is the time to repent of this wrongfulness and to beg God’s grace.