Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Memorial of Saint Bonaventure, Doctor of the Church

(Exodus3:1-6.9-12; Matthew 11:25-27)

An edifying story is told of St. Bonaventure which demonstrates the humility Jesus praises in the gospel today.  St. Bonaventure was a very learned man who has been named a doctor of the Church.  Still, according to the story, he was humble enough to recognize greater genius in others.

It is said that the pope announced a poetry contest in praise of the Holy Eucharist.  Both men Bonaventure and his colleague St. Thomas Aquinas submitted entries.  On the day of competition, Thomas read his work first -- the famous “Pange Lingua” which we still sing today.  According to the story, Bonaventure listened to Thomas’ words, wept in adoration, and tore up his own entry.

We do not have to write glorious poetry to give God praise.  Like those whom Jesus recommends to his Father in the gospel, we only have to respond with loving faith to God’s goodness.