Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Wednesday of the Third Week of Easter

(Acts 8:1b-8; John 6:35-40)

In his recent apostolic exhortation Pope Francis reminds Christians of their call to holiness.  He says that Christ provides them help to reach their goal.  When Christians feel overwhelmed, Francis exhorts them to beseech Christ crucified.  The pope only confirms what Jesus is saying in today’s gospel.

Jesus boldly says, “I am the bread of life.”  Attention should be given to both parts of this statement.  When Jesus declares, “I am,” he is giving the code word for divinity. He is to be trusted more than anyone else because he is God.  When he says, “…the bread of life,” he does not mean ordinary life for which food is required to survive.  Rather he provides the means to the joy and peace of life in its fullest sense.  He invites everyone - rich and poor, black and white, homosexual and heterosexual – to accept his offer. 

There is a cost to follow Jesus.  It is not monetary, but it is substantial.  If we are to become holy and have life in its fullest sense, we have to walk in Jesus’ way.  We have to be patient with the elderly, compassionate with the needy, and gracious to all.  Do not worry.  This is not a prescription of sacrifice so much as one of happiness.