Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Memorial of Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini, virgin

(Titus 2:1-8.11-14; Luke 17:7-10)

A family is not a household.  A family is based upon blood relationships among people. People can belong to the same family without living in the same household. People live together in a household for a common purpose.  They share daily experiences in order to be united in a community of care.  In a household people come to know that they live for one another and not for themselves.  In a Christian household they learn as well that God has called them to this purpose and that Christ has made known the reason for the call.

Today’s first reading from the Letter to Titus assigns responsibilities to different members of the household.  Older women are to teach younger women.  Younger women are to take care of household needs.  Younger men are to teach their children virtue so that no one can criticize the Church, the household of households.  The purpose of this great household is to witness to Christ, the Savior, who will come to justify the sacrifices made by his people.

Most of us live in a culture that plays down the work of a household.  We seldom pray together at home, much less teach our children about God.  We don’t even eat together much anymore.  Should we wonder why young men and women have lost the faith?  Likewise, should we wonder why the young are individualistic?  We need to reclaim the work of the household to pass on our hope for the Savior.  Indeed, we have to reclaim it to pass on our humanity.