Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Wednesday of the Sixth Week in Ordinary Time

(Genesis 8:6-13.20-22; Mark 8:22-26)

The dove in the Baptism of Jesus represents the Holy Spirit.  Its whiteness indicates God’s purity.  Its being a bird of flight suggests presence anywhere and everywhere.  As in today’s passage from Genesis, the dove guides humans to salvation.  It is absolutely necessary since, according to the passage, the human heart has been always set on evil.

Yet God still loves humans.  Indeed, He will gradually incline their hearts toward goodness.  First, related in tomorrow’s reading, He will make a covenant with them.  He will give them sovereignty over the earth and require from them mutual respect.  Then He will train a specific nation to be His showcase of justice.  Finally, He will send His Son to complete the project with all the peoples of the earth. The gradual nature of God’s work is depicted in today’s gospel as Jesus gives sight to the blind man.  With Jesus’ first imposition of hands the man cannot see clearly.  But when he lays his hands on him again, he sees everything distinctly.

We have to keep our eyes open.  The inclination toward evil is still prevalent in many places.  As we recall how Jesus has transformed us with the Holy Spirit, we should act to transform evil.  Considerate words may relieve some of the tension in hearts set on evil.  Caring actions may turn those hearts to God.