Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Memorial of Saint Cecilia, martyr

(Revelation 14:14-19; Luke 21:5-11)

Today, the feast of St. Cecilia, we remember church musicians.  They continually edify us by lifting our
spirits to God.  When an organ thunders a sonorous hymn, how can we not think of God’s the glory?  We feel much like the people in today’s gospel admiring the beauty of the Temple.

Yet Jesus warns the people not to get carried away by the Temple’s splendor.  It too will pass away -- he indicates -- sooner than they think.  “Will anything remain?” we may ask.  The answer to our question depends on what we mean by remain?  Nothing will remain as it was, but creation will not be destroyed.  It will be transformed in the manner of Jesus’ resurrection.  Human beings, possessing God’s very Spirit, will have a body like the glorified Lord’s.  That is, we will enjoy robustness without knowing decay.

Our task now is to live in the Holy Spirit as we await the transformation that is to come.  Indeed, we are to witness the transformation of reality by our prayer and effort.  We pray for peace and exemplify the peace of Christ.  We lift up Jesus’ self-sacrificing love as the model for interpersonal relations and strive to practice it in what we say and do.