Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tuesday of the Octave of Easter

(Acts 2:36-41; John 20:11-18)

Magdi Allam, an Egyptian-born, Italian journalist, was baptized by Pope Benedict in the Easter Vigil service five years ago.  Recently he announced that he is leaving Catholicism.  Unfortunately, a significant percentage of Catholics who enter the Church through the RICA similarly exit.  This reality suggests the need of a strong culture of faith to support perseverance.  It also indicates how in the reading from Acts today the apostles enjoy such phenomenal success in preaching to Jews but eventually fail in converting the nation.

According to John’s gospel even Jesus has many followers who eventually leave him (see John 6:60).  People leave for different reasons as the parable of the sower in the synoptic gospels accounts: some because they do not understand what faith means, others because they are seduced by worldly concerns, and still others because they do not nourish their faith with prayer.  Faith in Jesus is appealing to all because it promises eternal life, but it requires attention and devotion on the part of adherents.

Perhaps we should leave these concerns aside for now.  After all, Easter is the time to rejoice for the blessing of knowing that our lives have eternal destinies when we link them to Jesus.’  His graces abound in the Church community as well as, in northern climes at least, in nature at this time of year.