Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Tuesday of the Sixth Week of Easter

(Acts 16:22-34; John 16:5-11)

A man worked for a long time as a product inspector in a factory.  He said that he took such pride in his work that when he put the label of the company on the product, he was sure that it would do its job.  The jailer in today’s first reading seems to have this kind of self-respect.

The jailer becomes extremely upset when he thinks that his prisoners have escaped.  In fact, he is going to kill himself until Paul intervenes.  Then, convinced that Paul and Silas are holy men, the jailer begs to receive the gospel.  The remaining part of the story gives more evidence of the jailer’s decency.  He bathes the prisoners’ wounds and gives them something to eat.

Although the Church draws a few great sinners, the majority of people who come to her already exhibit goodness.  They are looking for something more, something solid to ground their inclination to do what is right.  We can give these people what they are looking for.  Our kindness of opinion and gentleness of words in Christ’s name will do it.  At least a few of these people will join our community of faith if they see it supporting our efforts.