Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children

(Hebrews 6:10-10; Mark 2:23-28)

The “law of the jungle” merely acknowledges  that people with power get their way.  As a society develops, it makes laws to protect weaker members.  There is a law against robbery which protects people from being held up by ruffians.  Likewise, a law protects a debtor from being forced into prison or, worse, slavery.  For the same reason a mature society has laws to protect the unborn.  These innocent human beings require protection just to survive.  In striking down virtually all laws prohibiting abortion the Supreme Court betrayed this nation’s heritage of protecting the weak from brute force.

Today’s gospel speaks of the Sabbath law, which we know as the Third Commandment.  God established it to protect people from overwork.  In fact, all just laws are for the good of the people.  For this reason the Supreme Court decision’s forty-six years ago has been so distressing.  It ignores the good of the people.  In fact, it disregards the need of society’s weakest members for survival.

From its beginnings the Church has condemned abortion.  It will not stop doing so today.  It asks its members to pray for legal protection of the unborn.  It also encourages them to do more than pray.  We might join a march protesting the Supreme Court decision.  We might donate to organizations that are working to establish laws protecting different categories of the unborn.  We should tell our children about the evil of abortion.