Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Tuesday of Holy Week

(Isaiah 49:1-6; John 13:21-33.36-38)

At the end of the Civil War movie “Glory” a troop of African-American soldiers go into battle.  They will bring glory to their country and to themselves by dying on its behalf.  The show suggests the kind of glory of which Jesus speaks in today’s gospel.

The hour is at hand for the Son of God to give his life for the salvation of the world.  He will duel with evil in its most pernicious forms.  The world already has begun to fall apart.  A disciple leaves in order to betray him.  Another foolishly boasts of how he will defend him.  Jesus is to fulfill the role of the Suffering Servant which Isaiah speaks of in the first reading.  His death and resurrection will give rise to a new Israel which will be faithful to God’s commands.  The new creation will transcend the old one by including all nations on earth in its company.

It is time for us to set back and reflect.  We can ask, “What kind of glory do we seek?” Are we here to gain attention for ourselves? Or are we, like Christ, to give ourselves for the glory of God?  If it is the latter which we seek, then we are to humble ourselves in service to God’s many children.