Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Wednesday of the Third Week of Advent

(Isaiah 54:1-10; Luke 7:24-30)

John the Baptist sounds confused in regards to Jesus.  He preached that the Messiah would come winnowing fan in hand to burn evil-doers.  But Jesus sits down with sinners to talk with them about the love of God.  “What’s going on?”  John seems to ask, “Are you the one who is to come?”   The question is similar to what many today ask: “Is Jesus really our savior?  Or perhaps we should put our faith in science to save us from death?”  Trusting in science would mean that we put personal welfare first.  If they call us to lend a hand at the night shelter, we should refuse because of our need of a full night’s sleep.  We would also support embryonic stem cell research for cures to threatening ailments even though it means the destruction of another’s life.

Jesus tells John’s emissaries to observe the works he has been performing.  His healing of infirmities and casting of demons attest to his being sent from God.  We followers of Christ note the best way of giving testimony to his Lordship is by imitating his care for others.  It is not so important that we live fifty years or hundred as long as we leave a legacy of genuine love.  A young family demonstrates this kind of care when they attend a lay ministry formation class together.  The father asks if he might bring into the lecture hall his daughter debilitated with cerebral palsy.  The younger son stays just outside the door happily playing by himself.  The mother explains during the course of the day that the girl becomes agitated if neither she nor her husband is close by.  Their continual presence is a burden born in love.  The family enjoys peace of heart as each member strives to help one another.