Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday of the Ninth Week in Ordinary Time

(II Timothy 3:10-17; Mark 12:35-37)

A Protestant layman once told a Catholic priest how he envied him. The layman said that he would love to have meditation on Scripture as his life’s work. Lay people can, of course, study the Scriptures, but for most, their efforts comprise an avocation. Priests and Protestant ministers, on the other hand, have the responsibility of reflecting regularly on Scripture to derive its meaning, and convey that understanding to others in an appealing way.

St. Paul in the first reading today also shows the highest regard for Scripture. He knows that it provides a solid ground to base one’s life upon. Timothy, as the leader of a community, must especially root his life in Scripture. From it he will find success as God’s minister and support as a vulnerable human being. In fact reflecting on Scripture daily, like a diet enhanced by omega-3 fatty acids, will enrich anyone’s life.