Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Wednesday of the Fifth Week in Ordinary Time

(I Kings 1:1-10; Mark 7:14-23)

We think of wisdom as knowledge of the nature of things.  But in ancient times wisdom was more practical.  It was closely associated with the ability to successfully accomplish undertakings.  The architect of a useful bridge was said to be wise and an accomplished painter as well.  The first reading today speaks of two wise people. 

Solomon is always associated with wisdom.  He is credited with having authored the Bible’s Book of Wisdom as well as the Book of Proverbs.  His wisdom enabled him to oversee a large kingdom with a complex court life.  The Queen of Sheba should be seen as wise as well.  She traded in spices so that her land, the legendary Sheba, supplied culinary enhancers the world over.

We want to develop a wisdom that pleases the Lord.  It is more than just “helping others” or “avoiding sin.”  We have to sustain these activities through the ups and downs of life.  Knowing our talents and limits and recognizing others’ virtues and vices give us balance for the long haul.  Such knowledge is more a skill than a science.  We develop it by following the wise and practicing their ways daily.