Thursday, September 25, 2015

Thursday of the Twenty-fifth Week in Ordinary Time

(Haggai 1:1-8; Luke 9:7-9)

There is much excitement over Pope Francis’ visit to the United States.  Masses of people are waiting eight hours just to see him.  Francis, however, hardly seems the type of person who wants so much attention.   He would likely advise the people not to bother trying to see him.  Rather, he would want them to make a similar commitment to the vulnerable as he has.  The gospel today presents a man who is as anxious to see Jesus as people today are to see Francis.

Herod Antipas is curious about Jesus.  He wants to see the man who works wonders.  He knows that Jesus is not John reincarnate as many people think.  When the two finally meet at the end of the gospel, he will ask Jesus many questions.  But he will receive no response.  Jesus has not come to satisfy the curiosity of proud kings such as Herod.  He is here to show God’s kingdom to those who repent of their sins.

Still it is worthwhile to go out of our way to see the pope.  We would be with a throng of other people whose faith will strengthen ours.  We will be left with a memory of a man who came out of his way to serve us.  Hopefully, then we will go out of our way to serve others.