Monday, June 27, 2016

Monday of the Thirteenth Week in Ordinary Time

(Amos 2:6-10.13-16; Matthew 8:18-22)

Last year a couple of women completed the Army Ranger training.  It was a significant achievement.  The Rangers are the Army’s elite, and their training is grueling.  It includes days in the wilderness with mostly one’s wits for survival.  In today’s gospel, Jesus challenges his disciples to a similar ordeal.

People want to join Jesus’ travelling group of disciples perhaps unaware of its costs.  Jesus disabuses them of notions of instant glory.  He tells one that he will not provide a home to rest in and another not to expect home leave.  The life of discipleship is not easy.

We should not expect it to be so today.  We may not have to leave family or even a house to be disciples, but following Jesus still requires sacrifice.  We are called to give up some comforts to provide for the needs of others.  More costly still, we are instructed to let of the egotistic will so that God’s glory may radiate to all.