Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Tuesday of the Second Week in Ordinary Time

(I Samuel 1:9-20; Mark 1:21-28)

The people of Capernaum are impressed with Jesus because he speaks “with authority.”  That is, unlike the scribes who constantly defer to the Scriptures, Jesus speaks with confidence and conviction.  They hear him as the people of England heard their Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, announce opposition to Adolph Hitler.  The English steeled up for the long fight ahead because they believed that Churchill had the courage and prudence to win the war.

Jesus shows that his authority is more than bravado when the evil spirit obeys his command.  He tells it to leave the man it possesses so that the man can live in peace.  The spirit attempts to create difficulty by revealing Jesus’ identity as God’s Son.  In the end, however, it fully submits.  The people at this point are not sure what to make of Jesus other than he speaks with authority.

Sometimes we feel out of control.  Perhaps we are in the midst of a heated discussion or being tempted by a sensual desire.  In such moments it behooves us to call out to Jesus for assistance.  He will unfailingly help us regain equilibrium.