Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Wednesday of the Twelfth Week in Ordinary Time

(Genesis 15:1-12.17-18; Matthew 7:15-20)

In order to stem the tide of divorce, some American couples have entered “covenant marriages.”  This is an agreement that the two parties will seek counseling before marriage and will limit their grounds for divorce once married.  The arrangement takes the name “covenant” from the type of relationship between Abram and the Lord witnessed in the first reading today.

The terms of the covenant require Abram to be faithful to God.  As long as he maintains that faith, he can be assured of the Lord’s fulfilling His promise.  History bears out how God has magnificently done so.  Abram has had innumerable descendants.  Today they include not only the millions of Jews throughout the world, but the billions of Christians and Muslims as well.

We have entered into a new covenant with God through Jesus Christ.  By being baptized in his name we become heirs to a new land.  We will inherit heaven with the resurrection from the dead.  But this legacy can be lost if we stop believing in him.