Wednesday, September 25, 2020


Memorial of Saint Pius of Pietrelcina, priest

(Proverbs 30:5-9; Luke 9:1-6)

Today’s readings provide an explanation of the first beatitude, “Blessed are the poor in spirit…” Proverbs asserts that rich people, trusting in their wealth, are likely to deny God as the source of their well-being.  The gospel illustrates Jesus’ sense of God’s graciousness as he sends his apostles on mission.  He tells them not to take more than the clothes on their backs.  He is implying that God will provide for all their needs.

To be poor is one thing and to live in misery is another.  The poor have bread to eat but little more.  Lacking even food, the miserable live in dire need.  They may steal, as the proverb indicates, and that only multiplies their troubles.

Most of us have a good deal more than enough.  Yet sometimes we seek even more without thanking God sufficiently.  If we do not show gratitude but reach for more, then in a sense we become like the scrounging miserable. We will roam with unsettled hearts worrying over nothing.