Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Wednesday of the Third Week of Easter

(Acts 8:1b-8; John 6:35-40)

In a story taking place during World War II a Paris museum entrusts its locksmith with the richest diamond in the world.  The locksmith demonstrates great skill in his work.  He also takes impeccable care of his blind daughter.  More than anyone else he can keep the diamond away from the Nazi invaders.  In today’s gospel Jesus tells how the Father has entrusted him to take similar care of God’s people.

The Gospel of John tells of God’s love for the people of the world.  He sent his Son to bring the people out of darkness.  He intends to give them the fullness of life.  However, not everyone wants to follow the Son to eternal life.  But those who do will not be lured away by evil nor will they perish as they approach their goal.  Jesus gives himself as bread for the journey.  He will also raise to life any who die before the end is reached.

The first reading shows how Jesus’ followers embraced his promise.  Persecuted in Jerusalem, they go forth to preach salvation in Jesus to others.  We can have confidence then in both what Jesus says and in what his followers do.  Remaining a Christian may become more challenging as people around us give up practicing the faith.  But with such witnesses as these strengthen us rather than cause us to worry.