Friday, October 16, 2015

Friday of the Twenty-eighth Week in Ordinary time

(Romans 4:1-8; Luke 12:1-7)

ISIS has made known the fact that Christians are being persecuted.  Its bloody videos reveal that martyrdom did not end with the Edict of Milan.  Rather persecution of Christians persists in a way stronger than ever.  John Allen documents it in a book published just two years ago.  It happens around the world to all kinds of Christians.  In today’s gospel Jesus warns his disciples to expect as much.

Jesus tells his disciples not to be surprised by the persecution.  They may think that what they preach will be kept secret.  But the message is so hopeful that it will inevitably be repeated everywhere.  He does not want them to fear the persecution so much as to fear God, “’the one has the power to cast into Gehenna.’”  But then he states that they do not have to be afraid at all if they have really become his messengers.

Jesus wants us to tell others about God’s love.  We may say how a certain gospel passage has affected our life.  Some will roll their eyes, but they are not likely to attack us .  In any case we can count on God’s coming to our rescue.  After all, we are worth much more to Him than the sparrows that He protects.