Friday, November 15, 2013

(Optional) Memorial of Saint Albert the Great, bishop

(Wisdom  13:1-9; Luke 17:26-37)

He criticized his teacher (of sorts), Aristotle, and bowed to his pupil, Aquinas.  He resigned from his position of Master of the Dominican Order and also from the bishopric of Regensburg.  He was at one time a master scientist, philosopher, and theologian.  St. Albert the Great deserves recognition in an age that thrives on scientific insight.

It is said that St. Albert is called “the Great” because he knew so much.  It could be said as well that he was great because he never allowed his learning to trivialize his quest for God.  Albert knew how to distinguish the Creator from creation as the first reading from the Book of Wisdom admonishes today.  He knew further how to find God among the many counterfeits that existed in the Middle Ages as well as today. 

Albert the Great offers to us a model of humility, of dedication to truth, and of loyalty to friends.  In an age when humility is eschewed, truth is relativized, and loyalty is often neglected Albert stands tall as a patron to be emulated.