Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Memorial of the Holy Guardian Angels

(Job 3:1-3.11-17.20-23; Matthew 18:1-5.10)

Spiritual teacher Ronald Rolheiser the other day wrote that no one really parents children alone.  He said that single parents can count on God to guide their children along with them.  This idea expresses a very similar insight to Jesus’ reference to Guardian Angels in today’s gospel.

Jesus echoes an Old Testament tradition that God sends angels as His ambassadors to watch over human beings.  Jesus’ point is that not only leaders -- which is to say the most important people -- have divine guidance.   Children, the simplest of humans, have such help as well.  He is advising his disciples not to seek importance but to rejoice to have God as their Father.

We as well want to be recognized as important, not only by a few but by everyone.  It is a vain ambition since no one will be admired by all – not even a Pope Francis.  However, everyone can count on God’s love.  This providential care is well expressed by the doctrine that Guardian Angels continually watch over us.