Thursday, June 4, 2020

Thursday of the Ninth Week in Ordinary Time

(I Timothy 2:8-15; Mark 12:28-34)

The Corona virus has challenged the religious practices of many.  Forcing churches to close, it has kept people home where many are not accustomed to reading Scripture or even praying.  Some, out of fear of crowds or just out of habit, may never return to worship in church.  They will be like the ones that St. Paul mentions in today’s first reading.

Paul is exhorting his disciple Timothy to practice diligence in his pastoral oversight. He knows that some may deny Christ to avoid persecution and others just to make a little profit.  He realizes that it is even more likely that some may just quit practicing their faith out of laziness.  He does not find excuses for these men and women.  Rather he says forthrightly that Christ will deny those who deny him and be faithful to those who take up their cross after him.

We can maintain our faith if we make a habit of counting our blessings and giving thanks.  God is good to us.  Even those with very hard lives, like those battling cancer, can find blessings surrounding them. We must take time to name the graces that we have received.  We can do so both individually or collectively, whether with our family or at church.  In this way we can count on Christ affirming us when judgment comes.