Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Wednesday of the Sixteenth Week in Ordinary Time

(Jeremiah 1:1.4-10; Matthew 13:1-9)

It is said that Joseph Kennedy, Sr., raised his son Joseph, Jr., to be president.  When the younger Joseph Kennedy was killed in World War II, the elder turned his attention to his second son, John.  In today’s first reading the Lord God has a similar design for Jeremiah, the prophet.

Jeremiah hears a call from God.  He understands that God wants him to speak on His behalf.   But, he argues, he is too young for such a responsibility.  He is told not to fear.  He has been prepared for the mission since before his birth and will be accompanied by the Lord Himself every step of the way.

God knows each of us in such an intimate way – all seven billion of the earth’s present inhabitants and the countless numbers who preceded us.  He has a mission for us as well.  He wants us to root up the walls of fear that separate us from others.  In their place He wants us to build bridges of mutual love. As daunting as it seems at times, the challenge is not too great since God has promised to be our strength.