Wednesday, December 2, 2020

 Wednesday of the First Week of Advent

(Isaiah 25:6-10a; Matthew 15:29-37)

For the lonely and the depressed, this time of year is far from merry.  For them it is the most trying of seasons.  Most people want to be near loved ones now.  But those who feel loveless or incapable of loving want to cry out in complaint.  Today’s gospel shows Jesus caring for them.

Before Jesus gives the bread and fish for all to feast upon, he heals the people’s afflictions. He makes “the lame, the blind, the mute and many others” whole.  Only when this work is finished does he provide a meal that they will never forget.  He is not just feeding the people.  He is giving them the everlasting life foreseen in today’s reading from Isaiah.  They enter eternal life whole, free, and thankful. 

Jesus means to heal us also.  All of us suffer.  One out of every one of us is hurting.  We call out to him in prayer to ask for help.  In quite unexpected ways he comes bringing us the fullness of life forever.