Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Tuesday of the Sixteenth Week in Ordinary Time

(Micah 7:14-15.18-20; Matthew 12:46-50)

Both readings today provide images for the People of God.  The prophet Micah calls the nation of Judah “the flock of (the Lord’s) inheritance.”  The term implies dependency since sheep survive generally with the care of their shepherd.  Unlike sheep, however, the people have rebelled against their Lord.  Nevertheless, God has shown them mercy.

There is no hint of rebellion in the gospel image.  Jesus calls his disciples “brother, sister, and mother...”  Indeed, they have become his family because they obey the will of God his “Father.”  They have accepted his yoke which they can readily bear with his accompaniment.

We too have been called into Jesus’ family.  Perhaps we rebel at times by not doing what God asks of us.  For this we should humbly ask forgiveness and accept God’s mercy.  When we do, the outcome is immeasurably satisfying.  We receive Jesus’ eternal accompaniment.