Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Wednesday of the Eighth Week in Ordinary Time

(I Peter 1:18-25; Mark 10:32-45)

The woman is taking care of her comatose son.  She has the daunting responsibility of caring for a person in a persistent vegetative state.  She does not complain.  She only wants her other children to grow up with s similar awe of human dignity.  The woman is drinking from the same chalice that Jesus refers to in today’s gospel.

James and John make an especially bold request of Jesus.  They want to serve as his chief administrators in the kingdom that he is inaugurating.  The Lord does not admonish them for their ambition.  He only warns them that the positions they seek entail intense suffering as well as supreme glory.

Nobody should want to suffer.  It is an evil that is rightly avoided when possible.  However, often enough we should engage suffering as both a responsibility and a way to our ultimate goal in life.  When we willingly care for the sick, the aged, and the disabled, we give the same witness that Jesus asks of James and John.  We drink from his chalice.   We secure a place in eternal life.