Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Wednesday of the Twentieth Week in Ordinary Time

(Judges 9:6-15; Matthew 20:1-16)

“Some people have all the luck,” we say when we wonder why others have better looks, bigger muscles, or more brains than we.  We are like the workers in today’s gospel who come to complain about the supposedly unfair pay they have received.  They want to do something about the matter.  People today think that they can do something as well.  They want to manipulate their genetic makeup so that at least their children may look better, feel stronger, and think more swiftly.

But even scientists warn that it’s a bad idea to try to determine future outcomes by genetic manipulation.  Human makeup is so complex that trying to improve one part of it may well result in injury to another.  Also, success in life is more than the sum of one’s looks, strength, and intelligence.  It is best to accept one’s genes for what they are and then strive to become the best person that one can be.

Jesus indicates as much in the parable.  Those who complain about the salary they receive are sent packing by the owner of the vineyard.  Meanwhile those who work hard and receive gratefully what they are given appear doubly blessed.  We are wise to take our cues from them.  Let us not worry about our shortcomings but make most of the talent given to us.  We are wise to thank God daily and ask His help to be His true daughters and sons.