Thursday, May 25, 2017

Thursday of the Sixth Week of Easter

(Acts 18:1-18; John 16:16-20)

Jesus’ disciples seem confused.  He has told them that they will not see him for a little while and then they will see him.  They may be wondering if he is not going on a vacation.  But if he would tell them that he is going to his mission of self-sacrifice, they would hardly be able to understand that either.  His saving death and resurrection are so entirely unique that one has to experience them before believing.

It may be compared to the cars that are supposed to drive themselves.  Can one believe that they really can maneuver the traffic of a big city for years on end without a mishap?  It seems impossible that they will not regularly have problems.  Yet these cars are evidently on the road in Pittsburgh.  With Jesus the even more improbable resurrection from the dead has taken place.  He appeared to his disciples just as he says in today’s passage.

We can believe not only in Jesus’ resurrection from the dead but also in his sending of the Holy Spirit.  With his ascension he gives us the help to maneuver through the temptations and trials of life.   the Spirit will see us through to our destination alongside of Jesus.