Thursday, November 16, 2016

Memorial of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary, religious

(Revelation 5:1-10; Luke 19:41-44)

Political cartoonist Bill Maudlin captured the people’s imagination. His characterization of foot-soldiers Willie and Joe during World War II etched a trail of admiration in the American mind for the G.I.  However, a single cartoon drawn twenty years after the war ended had even greater impact.  After President Kennedy was assassinated, Mauldin drew a cartoon of the Lincoln Memorial.  Instead of a straight back Lincoln stolidly looking forward, Mauldin drew the sixteenth president bent over crying in his hands.  It was the way the whole nation felt.  Lincoln’s tears are reminiscent of Jesus’ in today’s gospel.

Jesus cries over Jerusalem for not heeding his call to repentance.  Jerusalem, David’s capital city, is symbolic of the whole world.  Most people follow their egotistic designs rather than Jesus’ example of humility and commandment of love.  Wars never seem to end because egotism turns violent when a national ego does not get its way.

We must learn to curb our egos – both individual and corporate.  It is certain that with nuclear weapons the world cannot sustain another total war.  If World War II was not the last total war, then World War III definitely will be.