Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children

(I Samuel 17:32-33.37.40-51; Mark 3:1-6)

Many issues divide the people of the United States today.  Some see undocumented immigrants not only as legitimately needy people but also a boon to the American economy.  Others find them both draining resources and defiant of the law.  Likewise, people have polar differences regarding government control of health care.  But no issue is as divisive as abortion. “Pro-life” and “pro-choice” are ardent about their causes and ready to create civil unrest to defend them.

Seeing the shape and movement of their fetuses has caused many women contemplating abortion to change their minds.  Yet pregnant women who have already had children sometimes feel incapable of going through the agony of childbirth again.  It is also true that many people support legal abortion as a way to cover up promiscuous sexual relationships.

The Church in the United States has set aside today to reconsider the issue.  We know that women must be supported in the process of giving birth.  We also recognize that sexual intimacy is meant for marriage where a couple can draw closer together in procreating and raising children.  Most of all, we see the inherent dignity of every human life which must never be destroyed because it is unwanted.  So we pray today for the unborn, for women about to undergo the ordeal of childbirth, and for those caught up in promiscuous relationships.  We say a special prayer for legislators that they may provide legal protection for the unborn.  We ask God to give all concerned strength and courage to preserve human life.