Wednesday, October 2, 2019,

Memorial of the Holy Guardian Angels

(Nehemiah 2:1-8; Matthew 18:1-5.10)

We hear today’s gospel as an assurance that God cares for little children.  It is that. Some will add that God gives the same care to every person.  Yes, God loves everyone.  But we miss half the message if we limit our consideration to Guardian Angels protecting people.  The reading confirms the basic gospel proclamation of raising up the lowly and putting down the mighty.

At this point in Matthew’s Jesus is launching his sermon on Church order.  He will challenge his disciples to not allow anything to cause them to sin, even a roving eye or an itchy hand.  He will also admonish them to always be ready to forgive the sins of others. Because of their humility curtailing pride, God will raise them up.

Egocentrism caused Adam to sin and has kept a hold on his descendants.  Yet Christ has shown us that it is possible to live without over-concern for the self.  More than that, he has won for us the grace to break its grasp.  Staying close to him by contemplating his word and partaking of his body, we can be humble.  Then we will have no need to worry.  God will raise us up as sure as the sun rises in the morning.