Monday, March 12, 2018

Monday of the Fourth Week of Lent

(Isaiah 65:17-21; John 4:43-54)

The readings today focus on innovation.  In the first the Lord announces that He is about to create something so great that it will forever change life as it has been lived. The gospel gives a hint of what that change will be by relatedly a previously unheard of feat.  It shows Jesus healing the dying son of a royal official without even seeing him.  More wondrously, Jesus will bring new life to women and men living in different places and at different times.

Jesus accomplishes new life for people by rising from the dead on Easter Sunday.  As he rose, they will rise as well at the end of time when he returns to earth in glory.  Until relatively recently there was a lot of fanfare about Easter.  Most Christians wore something new on that day to symbolize the new life that was promised.  Everyone went to church.  Now the day seems to have less significance for most Christians than Mother’s or Father’s Day.  Perhaps Easter promises too much for people who are regularly awed by the products of technology. 

We should strive to keep Easter faith strong.  The best way to do so is to invite others to participate in the events of Holy Week and to celebrate Easter Sunday in an especially festive way.  Whatever the blessings that we have experienced in our lives, they are nothing compared to what Christ’s Easter victory promises.