Homilette for Monday, May 29, 2008

Monday of the Seventh Week in Ordinary Time

(Mk 10:14-29)

Did you ever want to climb Mt. Everest? It is not impossible, you know. Adventure organizations claim that they can take any person in reasonably good physical shape to the summit. Of course, they ask a hefty service fee for the service. But perhaps more essential is faith in the organizers. They will demand rigorous training, attention to details, and discipline in following their commands. But if you really want to see the view at the top of the world, you’ll trust in them.

Jesus makes us an even better offer. He promises us to raise us from the dead if we put our faith in him. The casting out of the evil spirit and the raising of the boy to new life in today’s gospel foreshadows what Jesus will do for those who believe in him. He will cleanse us of our sinful tendencies – anger, lust, pride, etc. – and accompany us into eternal life. As in the case of mountain climbing expeditions, we must place complete faith in him. We must obey his commands implicitly and follow his path unquestionably.

However, Jesus’ offer seems at times more of a challenge than a benefit. We may find it hard to believe in Jesus when others – often kinder and more intelligent than we – do not show him any special regard. “I do believe; help my unbelief!” we cry with the father of the possessed boy. And we pray to God, as Jesus indicates, that He will purify our half-hearted faith so that we may have full-fledged life.