Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday of the Third Week of Easter

(Acts 6:9-15; John 6:22-29)

“The Goose that Laid Golden Eggs,” tells the story of owners of a magical goose which daily deposits for them a small fortune. But the couple somehow feels short-changed because they must wait a whole day for the next delivery of gold. Thinking that the goose has golden insides which might be immediately exploited, they kill the goose. In stead of discovering a fortune, however, they only find the usual blood and gore. We find this fable echoed in today’s gospel.

As Jesus tells the Jews in today’s gospel, they look for him only because he has given them bread to eat. They have overlooked the fact that he came come down from heaven which is evident from all the signs he has worked. He just fed thousands of them with a few loaves of bread and small fish. After that, he miraculously transferred himself over water. Instead of trying to exploit him for a fortune, why don’t they heed his words daily to gain a destiny greater than gold?

We must ask the same question of ourselves. Of course, we believe in Jesus as Lord, but often our actions fail our beliefs. We squirm (and perhaps scream) when events don’t follow our preferences. We may hedge on commitments when they lead up high, seemingly endless roads. These are not Jesus’ ways. He taught us to bear difficulties patiently and to fulfill our responsibilities come what may.