Monday, January 9, 2012

Feast of the Baptism of the Lord

(Isaiah 42:1-4.6-7; Mark 1:7-11)

Civil insurrection in the Middle East, extreme poverty inAfrica, growing  hedonism  in the West - current conditions, as in times, call for a savior.  He (or she) will change hearts, enlighten minds, and move people to work together.  Today's feast celebrates the Father's commendation of the Son for the mission.

The Baptism of the Lord ends the Christmas season.  God has now definitively revealed His Son to the world.  First, the shepherds of Israel saw him as a babe heralded by the angels of heaven. Then, foreign wise men  came to worship him after being led by a star and advised by those entrusted with the Scriptures.  Now, the Father recognizes him as the one to arrest humanity from the  devil's claws.

We stand before these happenings wondering if they make a real difference in our lives.  Are they worth our radical attention?  Or do they merely round our lives with traditions?  Of course, we opt for the first.  This option implies that we seek ever closer union with the one whom we now recognize clearly as The Savior of the world.