Tuesday, October 2 2012

Memorial of the Holy Guardian Angels

(Job 3:1-3.11-17.20-23; Matthew 18:1-5.10)

St. Augustine is famous for saying to his people: "I am fearful of what I am for you, but I draw strength from what I am with you. For you I am a bishop, and with you I am a Christian. The former designates an office received, the latter the foundation of salvation." Obviously, Augustine hardly took his work as a bishop as a privilege; rather, it was an onerous obligation placed upon him. It meant reproving the people when they were thinking erroneously and providing basic resources when they experienced dire need. It would not be unfair to call Augustine’s chores like being a Guardian Angel to his congregation.

Guardian Angels specify God’s love. He takes care of human beings by setting their hearts on the supreme good, which is Himself, and providing the means to sustain themselves physically. In the gospel Jesus speaks of children having angels in heaven charged with these tasks. But that does not exclude the possibility of God extending such personal care to everyone. After all, in a sense all humans are God’s children.

Today we give thanks to God for His constant and unsurpassable love by remembering His instruments, the Guardian Angels. The surety of God’s watching over us should prompt us to take similar care of one another.