Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wednesday of the Thirty-second Week in Ordinary time

(Philippians 2:12-18; Luke 14:25-33)

“Question authority,” the youth of the Sixties trumpeted. It echoes the rebelliousness of the age but perhaps may be justified in the contexts of racial bigotry and of foreign militarism. St. Paul, however, makes a contrary plea to the Philippians in today’s first reading.

“Do everything without grumbling or questioning,” Paul advises his readers. He is referring to his own mandates which, he knows, have been forged in personal sacrifice according to the norms of Christ. Basically, those mandates are emulate Christ in everything; that is, to be humble and caring in the midst of societal hypocrisy.

Religious leaders will win the respect and trust of their communities by living charitably, transparently, and prayerfully. Noting these qualities, we can forgive most of the faults they may have and willingly follow their directives.