Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thursday of the Fourth Week in Lent

(Exodus 32:7-14; John 5:31-47)

There is no end to people’s fascination with idols.  Tabloid newspapers and even more sophisticated media easily find consumers wanting to know more about LaBron James or Lindsay Lohan.  This fact is amusing but it is also disturbing.  Taken up with these false gods, the public misses the real God.  This is why Jesus sounds so frustrated in today’s gospel.

Jewish authorities are hassling Jesus for having cured a paralytic on the Sabbath.  Jesus has defended the action as a work of life that God continually performs every day of the week.  In today’s passage Jesus concludes the argument.  He says that if the authorities really understood the Scriptures, with which they are accusing Jesus of wrongdoing, they would recognize that they testify to his being from God, not against God.

Looking toward Holy Week, we need to reaffirm who it is that will command our attention.  It is no less than God’s eternal Son.  His actions -- and nothing we can produce nor knowledge we can have nor other person we can know -- will give us our heart’s deepest desire.