Monday, September 30, 2013

Memorial of St. Jerome, priest

(Zechariah 8: 8:1-8; Luke 9:46-50)

The family came to the priest with a problem.  They were not Catholic but were seeking his advice because they believed priests know about much spiritual matters.  They said that the daughter, who was present, spends a lot of time in a nearby cemetery talking with the dead.  They added that they had just begun visited a non-denominational church.  What advice could the priest give them?  Perhaps Jesus provides an answer in the gospel.

Jesus warns his followers of Christ to beware of thinking of themselves as the greatest. He wants them to serve, not to look for praise.  They are not even to see themselves as Jesus’ exclusive helpers.  People of different communities may render valuable service calling on his name. 

In accord with Jesus’ will, the priest prayed with the family and recommended that the child have counseling – perhaps a school psychologist or even the pastor at the church they seemed to like.  Certainly the Catholic Church would be able to assist the girl, but more critical at this point is that the family find professional help that the girl may obtain a firm grip on reality.